Media Marketing

Heinz R.

We can help you to find your marketing strategy, run campaigns and keep your web channels alive.

Find your Marketing Strategy

We focus on solid marketing where value is provided to the customers. This leads to trust and long-lasting connections between you and them.

But it's the hard way, no wonders to expect. We can help you to build a working strategy using these established methods:

Content Marketing

Does your content provide value to your prospects?

Does it help to turn them into customers?​

With a Content Marketing strategy you create content with value and your prospects will love you for that and turn happily into customers.

  • Tour information
  • Local's insights
  • Recipes
  • Travel tips
  • Sports guides
  • Family or senior guides
  • Blog
  • Newsletter

Email Automation

Start an email newsletter. Now.

Talking to your prospects and customers via email whenever you want is most important to your business.

With an email automation you can even let them decide what they want to​ read more about.

  • no more answering questions on the phone
  • let them learn about your offers
  • teach them what to expect and what to do
  • sort those out who don't match with your target market
  • receive bookings on autopilot

Keep it running

With our maintenance services you can be sure that your channels are up and running.

Website Maintenance

  • System updates
  • Security checks
  • Content changes
  • Website management

Campaign Maintenance

  • Email broadcasts
  • Social Media posts
  • Account management


  • Integrations
  • Reports
  • Tracking Management

Think we can help?

If you need a strategy or want to increase your online channel output please let us know.