Check your business

Heinz R.

We can help you to find out whether your services are offered the way you want them to be.

Test Customers

The best way to check a business is to use it's services.

We can do this for you- even totally secret.

Who we are

We are a married couple and we can be your test customers.

A short bio of us:

  • married couple
  • no children
  • middle to upper class
  • a little bit choosy
  • very attentive
  • German ๐Ÿ™‚
  • 40+
  • expect high quality and cleanliness

What we can do

We'll check exactly what you want us to.

And we can even be unconventional guests.

  • check your hotel
  • check your restaurant
  • check your tour
  • hike, bike or ride a motorbike on your tour
  • do sports (check for details)
  • check wellness services
  • travel by car, train, ship or plane
  • report anything
  • create text, photographs and video


We travel a lot for our projects and our clients.

Is there something we can check for you while being on the road?


  • Countries
  • Regions
  • Cities


  • Tourism partnerships
  • Business partnerships


  • Business
  • Operators
  • Activities
  • Life

Want to know more?

Tell us your needs and we find out how we can help you.